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Friday, February 16, 2018

CoroTurn Prime Twin-tool holder from Sandvik Coromant

Designed for modern multi-task machining the Sandvik Coromant CoroTurn Prime Twin-tool holder is intended for the complete machining of components that typically have a very slow tool changing time. The CoroTurn saves times when changing tools to increase machining utilisation and productivity. 

Edge Utilisation 

The CoroTurn Prime inserts have 3 edges per corner, each for longitudinal, facing and profiling resulting in the distribution of wear over a long edge and not just the insert tip. Moving heat away from the cutting zone, helps the sustainability of the insert substantially increasing the life of the insert.

External Turning Operations in all Directions
  • CoroTurn Prime A-type tool with three 35 degrees corners designed for light roughing,finishing and profiling.
  • CoroTurn Prime B-type tool with strong corners designed for rough machining.
  • Machines - Turning centres, vertical lathes and multi-task machines.
  • Best suited for short compact components and the slender using tail stock.
  • Good choice for mass production or components needing frequent set-ups and tool changes.
Case Studies

Coroturn Prime A-Type for light roughing, finishing and profiling
Component: Hub
Material: Cast, SAE 1045, CMC 02.1, 207 HB
Machine: Gildemeister C​TV 250, Horizontal 
Coolant: Emulsion

+59% Productivity

Case StudyCompetitorSandvik Coromant
InsertCompetitor insertCoroTurn Prime A-type (CP-A1108-L5 4325)
vc m/min (ft/min) 300 (984)300 (984)
fn mm/r (inch/r) 0.25 (.010)0.4 (.016)
ap mm (inch) 1.5 (.059)3 (.118)
Results (Tool 1/Tool 2) 
Total cycle time13/59 sec20/11.5 sec
Tool life/edge90/270 pcs208/350 pcs

CoroTurn Prime B-Type for rough machining
Material: Forgerd ASTM B564, CMC 20.21, 250 HB
Machine: Doosan Puma 3100M, Horizontal
Coolant: Emulsion 

+85% Productivity 

Case Study Competitor  Sandvik Coromant
Insert Competitor insert CoroTurn Prime B-type (CP-B1108-M5 2025)
vc m/min (ft/min)  150 (492) 150 (492)
fn mm/r (inch/r)  0.3 (.012) 0.8 (.032)
ap mm (inch)  2 (.079) 4 (.156)
Total cycle time 2.42 min 1.36 min
Tool life/edge  4 pcs 9 pcs

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